The Awards

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The jury is free to award as many, or as few, awards in every category as they wish. From all the entries they may choose to make Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards for Best Writing and for Best Art Direction/Design.

From all the Gold winners they will choose the Best in Show Award sponsored by BBDO.

Their recommendations will help the jury President determine The Courageous Client Award sponsored by WPP.

Because entries are free, winners are asked to pay for their trophies and certificates.

These can be purchased from the store.

2023 Categories

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Ambient/Guerilla/Out of Home

Any idea using outdoor media, special builds, 3D installations, street art, events, pop-up activities or any out-of-home activity or stunt.

There were three Golds, seven Silvers and eight Bronzes in this category in 2022. For guidance, see the winners HERE.

Audio NEW

To include radio commercials of any length, podcasts or sponsored messaging within radio programming or any innovative use of audio messaging or voice-activated technology. Got that, Alexa? 2022 Radio winners HERE.

B to B NEW

To include advertising, direct mail, any event or activity offline as well as online films, widgets, tools or digital services selling business products or solutions to other businesses rather than the end consumer. This category has been enlarged from Digital B to B. Six awards made in 2022 HERE.

Branded Content

To include scripted and acted films, virals, unscripted films, documentaries, UGC, interactive films, livestream broadcast of an event, content captured and shared at a live event, immersive experiences including 360 video, AR and VR experiences. Also podcasts and influencer videos which seek to share the values of a brand and generate conversation around it. 2022 winners HERE.

Creative Use of Data

Any idea in which a data-driven insight led to a creative idea or to increased engagement and/or improved performance, any instance of AI, machine-learning or data analysis leading to a deeper understanding of behaviour and to better results. Two Bronzes, three silvers and a solitary Gold in 2022 HERE.


To include websites, microsites, apps, digital platforms, installations or projections, connected entities, banners, pop-ups, take- overs, online video ads, films, widgets, tools or digital services, games and email. Also, social media campaigns using search and social messaging and video platforms. Six Bronze, four Silver and one Gold in 2022. HERE.

Direct Mail

Any item of flat mail or dimensional mail, of any volume, including doordrops, hand-delivered items or bill-stuffers, both B to B and B to C.

We had a Gold in 2022. Hooray. HERE.

Gaming NEW

For ideas that involve modifications to existing electronic games, extensions or anything that creates experiences in gameplay, including e-sports and mobile games in which a brand is able to integrate meaningfully.


Any idea in any medium which sells or supports branded medicines or products, foundations or medically oriented organisations, health services or health related issues.

Seven Bronzes, two Silvers and a Gold in 2022 HERE.


Any individual idea that delivers a new way for brands to engage with customers, or that brings a completely new solution to a marketing problem. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a tech-led idea

(beacons, facial-recognition technology, voice search, VR or AR, wearables).

15 Bronzes, 5 Silvers and 3 Golds in 2022 HERE.


To include any campaign that works across different paid-for channels, social media platforms etc to include PR, editorial, events and branded activity.

Seven Bronze, five Silver and two Golds in 2022 HERE.


To include any example of mobile/tablet/ connected device app, SMS solution, location-based idea, video, banner or social media video designed specifically for a hand-held medium.

Four Bronzes, two Silver and one Gold in 2022 HERE.

Newcomers Award

It can be a TV commercial, a print ad, a stunt, a game, an interception. But it has to be the work of a student or of any person outside the industry looking to get started as a creative.

New Product or Service Launch NEW

A product (or service) launch that used communications to make a lasting impact, which might include teasers to build suspense, a dramatic reveal, PR and influencer marketing.

Not for Profit

This can include all purpose-driven ideas, to include any video, online, offline experience, mailing, print, direct response TV execution or campaign produced for a charity, NGO or cause related action.

Seven Bronze, two Silver and three Golds in 2022 HERE.


Any story which helped to promote, enhance or protect a brand or an organisation in both B to C and B to B communications across any and/or all media, including TV, print, online, events etc. This includes use of social media platforms as well as activity that involves influencers and creators.

Six Bronze, four Silver and one Gold in 2022 HERE.


To include brochures, leaflets, flyers, catalogues, annual reports and point-of- sale material as well as newspaper and magazine ads. Any example of branded creative thinking that uses print in any way. Three Bronze, two Silver and two Gold winners in 2022. HERE.

Radical new strategy

To include any major change of direction for a brand, any radically new media solution, adoption of new technology or attempt at market disruption.

19 Bronze, eight Silver and three Golds in 2022. HERE.

Self-Promotion NEW

Any idea in any medium including Christmas cards, business cards, wedding invitations, mailshots, emails, social media posts and/or videos that helps raise awareness of and advances the company or individual responsible.

Small Agency Award NEW

The Caples is free to enter. It provides a level playing field on which small agencies can compete with large multinationals on equal terms. The only thing that’s important is the quality of thinking.

You can enter any piece of work from a flyer to an integrated campaign; the only proviso is that your company can only have between one and 40 employees.

TV and Video advertising

Film and video commercials, whether made for TV broadcast or for cinema or for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and other digital platforms. Also TV sponsorship idents and buffers.
This category is not a substitute for nor a replica of Branded Content. It is any communication with moving images that pushes a specific product or service with a sales message.

Please note

Where most other international awards shows have a plethora of sub-categories, we try to keep it simple at The Caples. Instead of Best Email, Best Banner, Best Use of Social, Best Use of an Influencer, Best Website, Best Platform, Best App, we just have two Digital categories - B to B and B to C. The jury can tell the difference between a campaign of bumper ads designed for YouTube and an interactive microsite – and will judge accordingly.

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Special Awards

The Craft Awards

From the winners in the 21 categories they have judged, the jurors will select the Best in Show Award sponsored by BBDO.

They may also select Gold, Silver and Bronze winners for Best Writing and for Best Art Direction/Design.

In 2021 the jury gave one Gold and three Silvers in Best Writing and three Golds and one Silver for Best Art Direction/Design.

The President’s Awards

The President of the jury has the final decision as to which client, as evidenced by the winning work, is worthy of the Courageous Client Award sponsored by WPP.

Andi Emerson Award

The President also may give the Andi Emerson Award to any person he or she feels has made or is making an exceptional contribution to creativity.

In 2021, President of the jury Steve Aldridge gave the Andi Emerson Award to Julian ‘Dougie’ Douglas, Chairman of VCCP Worldwide and President of the IPA 2021-22, in recognition of his work with the BRiM initiative.

President of the 2021 jury Steve Aldridge presenting Julian 'Dougie' Douglas with the Andi Emerson Award.