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  1. The Caples Awards 2024. London

to sponsor The Caples Awards presentation evening

For over 35 years, LEAP have been the production company for agencies in the UK and beyond, offering print, imaging services, and digital/video post-production. Renowned for their unparalleled expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence, agencies trust LEAP for consistently exceptional results.

We’re proud to have LEAP as a sponsor of The Caples Awards 2024, further underscoring their dedication to recognising and celebrating outstanding creativity in advertising.

At The Magic Circle Theatre
with Sir John Hegarty
with Magicians
and The Gold Awards

Tickets: £40 (including VAT)
To include food, drink and magic.


Thursday May 16th 2024. 12 Stephenson Way London NW1 2HD.

Doors open
6pm Drinks and Canapés
7pm Mr. Magii’s Magic Show
7.30pm David Harris Q&A with Sir John Hegarty, recipient of the Andi Emerson Award
8pm Presentation of the Golds
9.30pm Closing Remarks
10.30pm Pumpkins.

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Andi Emerson Award 2024

Sir John Hegarty

The Andi Emerson Award, named after the founder of The Caples Awards, is given by the President of the Jury to any person he or she believes has made an outstanding contribution to creativity in advertising.
In 2024, David Harris has nominated Sir John Hegarty for this accolade:

“I can’t think of anyone who has made a greater contribution to creativity in advertising, both from the work he has created, the agency he started and the way he champions creativity in business, working to support people of all ages to become more creative, than Sir John Hegarty.
Even before Nick Kamen walked into a launderette and converted us all to Levi's and boxer shorts, I loved the way John brought art into advertising. Back in the day, I remember watching VHS copies of “Rivets” and “Marlin” over and over again to learn how to tell a story, to art direct it beautifully and to dramatise a clear product truth.
Audi “Odd Couple” is still my favourite car ad. A list of product truths wrapped up in a piece of theatre. When it was shown it was quite unlike any car ad I’d seen before and that was when I started saving for an Audi.
I wanted to be just like John Hegarty – cool, articulate, authoritative, someone with a great sense of design as well as great ideas. Plus, approachable, and generous with his time.
I love the fact that even now, when he could be taking it easy, he is still curious and hungry, helping start-ups, and pushing the importance of creativity within business with his Business Creativity blog.
Truly inspiring and a great role model.”

See Sir John in conversation with David Harris at The Caples Awards Presentation on Thursday May 16th 2024


The Caples Awards 2024
Jury President

David Harris
Executive Creative Director, Deloitte UK

As digital transformation continues to turn advertising inside out and our definitions of creativity twist and turn, we’re delighted to have our first-ever consultancy-side President. That said, don’t expect David’s mission statement to be too left-brained. As an art director (and an artist) of substance, he believes fervently in work that cuts through the noise and creates impact. What the Deloitte influence may do is to strengthen a right-brained conviction that measurement is increasingly important as clients seek greater integration of all the parts of their business. What we have, then, is a whole-brained President. In himself a reflection of our times.

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