1. The Caples Awards 2024. London

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Three new categories for 2024.

AI (including the Metaverse) – at the request of the 2024 President.
With incredible speed, generative AIs such as ChatGPT, Midjourney, Dall-E and others have created great opportunities (as well as rousing great fears) in how advertising is imagined and created. But there are other AIs as well which, through apps and experiences, are helping create astonishingly immersive and memorable ‘moments that matter’.

Digital Ad Spaces
Hoping to see and reward more work from this unloved corner of advertising. It is estimated $700 billion will have been spent on digital advertising by the time 2023 ends. Somewhere in that tidal wave of display and video advertising there must be a few examples of ingenious personalisation, imaginative interactivity and arresting engagement.

Social and Influencer
To reflect the dynamic and evolving landscape of advertising we are looking for outstanding examples that harness the power of social media, engage audiences authentically and leverage influencers to drive brand awareness, consideration and conversion.

There are 17 other categories to enter and, provided it is appropriate to the relevant categories, you may enter any one piece of work in as many categories as you wish.

The Caples Awards 2024
Jury President

David Harris
Executive Creative Director, Deloitte UK

As digital transformation continues to turn advertising inside out and our definitions of creativity twist and turn, we’re delighted to have our first-ever consultancy-side President. That said, don’t expect David’s mission statement to be too left-brained. As an art director (and an artist) of substance, he believes fervently in work that cuts through the noise and creates impact. What the Deloitte influence may do is to strengthen a right-brained conviction that measurement is increasingly important as clients seek greater integration of all the parts of their business. What we have, then, is a whole-brained President. In himself a reflection of our times.


Covid has come and gone. And while we were all trying to deal with lockdown and its aftermath, entering The Caples was free.
Now we need to start charging entry fees again.
BUT, sticking to our mantra of ‘creatives for creatives’, we are charging less than we did in 2019 when entries were £300 for individual submissions and £350 for campaigns.

The 2024 fees are lower than any other global awards show.

As former Creative Directors ourselves we know how tight budgets are.
Also, to help keep costs down, we have limited awards to just 20 categories. To keep it simple, there is just one standard price for all entries, be they for individual pieces or for campaigns of multiple elements.
A single piece can also be entered as part of a campaign – entered twice – if you wish the judges to consider it both individually and collectively to win two awards.

The special awards are free. All entries are automatically judged for their craft, be it Art Direction/Design or Copy/Writing. Golds, Silvers and Bronze awards can be made at the jury’s discretion.
In some instances, an idea which has won Silver or Bronze in its entry category has been given Gold for craft.

  • All entries up to March 28th
    £245 +VAT in the UK

  • All late entries from March 29th to April 6th
    £295 +VAT in the UK

We charge a late-entry fee because creative directors like to leave everything to the last moment. In one year, we had nearly a thousand entries AFTER the first deadline. This puts a strain on the techies who have to prepare everything for the judges’ inspection.

Entry Categories for 2024

  • AI (including the Metaverse) NEW
  • Ambient/Guerilla/Out of Home
  • Audio
  • B to B
  • Branded Content
  • Creative Use of Data
  • Digital Ad Spaces NEW
  • Direct Mail
  • Gaming
  • Innovation
  • Integrated
  • Mobile
  • New Product or Service Launch
  • Not for Profit
  • PR
  • Print
  • Radical new strategy
  • Self-Promotion
  • Social and Influencer NEW
  • TV and Video Advertising
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Jury Prizes

The jury will award a Best in Show award to one outstanding example of creativity.

This cannot be a Not for Profit campaign and must be for work with clear commercial purpose.

While there are no categories for Best Art Direction/Design and for Best Copywriting/Writing, the jury will identify campaigns they believe demonstrate great craft skills and award them accordingly.

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