"La Liga kick off"

Client: LaLiga
Product: New season’s ball.
Title: La Liga kick off
Media: Direct
Country: Europe, Asia, America, Africa (65 countries)
Date Of Campaign: July 2022

Background: LaLiga is the company in charge of organizing the Spanish professional football competition, a global and innovative brand with presence in 41 countries and more than 2,800 million followers around the world.Like every year, to announce the start of the new season, we wanted to unbox the most iconic object among LaLiga fans around the world: the new season’s ball.

Idea: We ask ourselves a question. If football is played with the feet, there was no point in unboxing it with the hands. So, by tapping into this insight, we created the first unboxing you do with your foot.We sent the ball of the new season to hundreds of fans around the world and asked them to unbox it like football. Literally kicking it. The strategy was basically to create a package that could be destroyed with a kick and thus show the Puma ball for the new season.The ball was sent inside a sphere-shaped packaging, printed in 3D. Also, it was a sustainable packaging that didn’t use plastic but biodegradable PLA material, respectful with the environment.Designed with a minimalist I+D aesthetic, the packaging was composed of 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons, and it was intended to be destroyed on one hit.With an ironic and fun tone, in that same spherical packaging, an integrated instruction manual was screen printed with an iconographic system, to show the best way to unbox it.

Results: The new packaging attracted a lot of attention, and we completely exceeded our expectations.The unboxing was published in several of the world's leading industry magazines and newspapers.+665 million impressions in the first two weeks.A global activation on an unboxing that went around the world and had more than 336 million views, generating more than 42.5 million interactions among fans around the world.

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