Forsman & Bodenfors

"From A to Beach"

Client: Västtrafik
Product: Public transport
Title: From A to Beach
Media: Print, PR, Online, Out of Home
Country: Sweden
Date Of Campaign: June 2022

Background: In the summer of 2022, international holiday trips from Sweden increased by 450% compared to the year before, following several years of lockdown. As a response, Västtrafik wanted to encourage people to travel sustainably in the local area and increase ticket sales during the summer.

Idea: "From A to Beach" is a digital service that finds the sun – and how to get there by public transport. Instead of a traditional weather service based on a geographic location, we created the first weather service based on the best weather. When the app is opened, the three sunniest beaches are displayed – as well as the fastest way to get there. The service combines weather data from Scandinavia’s most accurate meteorological institute, position data from the 300 beaches located within 3 km of a bus stop, and traffic data from Västtrafik's travel planner. You could also filter by travel time, number of transits, lake or sea and walking distance from bus stop to beach.

Results: Within the first 24 hours after release, more than 22,000 people used the app, and over 50,000 people have used it to date. Local and national media write about the project, with a potential reach of over 12,4 million. And most importantly, ticket sales during the summer increased by 77%.

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