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"Rescue Doodles"

Client: Pedigree
Product: Pet Food
Title: Rescue Doodles
Media: mobile
Country: USA
Date Of Campaign: March 6, 2022

Background: Kids are a huge driving force behind families getting a dog. But with 70 million homeless dogs in America, not enough families are adopting rescue dogs. As a long-time advocate for dog adoption, Pedigree wanted to find a way to put rescue dogs at the top of kid’s wish lists.

Idea: To get kids pestering their parents to adopt a rescue dog, we made kids the center of the adoption process – by turning their dog doodles into real adoptable dogs. Rescue Doodles is an innovative, interactive tool that matches children’s dog drawings with similar looking rescue dogs available for adoption. The experience was brought to life as a chatbot where kids / parents could text their doggy doodles to a Pedigree phone number. We then used AI and a machine learning model to analyze the drawings and identify the color, shape and breed of the dog and match it with a nearby rescue dog. The matching dog was then texted back to the user with a link to adopt

Results: The campaign achieved 588 million earned media impressions and was picked up by outlets including ABC, NBC, People, Fox News, CBS and Cosmopolitan. Online visitors to dog shelters were up by over a million during the campaign period and Rescue Doodles led to over 18,000 successful matches. Most importantly, it educated children and parents on the power of adoption and proved that the perfect family dog is actually a rescue dog.

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