Helan Healthcare
"See My Pain"

Client: Helan Healthcare
Product: Helan Healthcare
Title: See My Pain
Media: Cinema, SoMe campaign (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube), Digital campaign, POS in hospital
Country: Belgium
Date Of Campaign: Cinema: 16/11/22 - 13/12/22 // SoMe campaign + Digital: 10/10/22 - 31/10/22 - POS hospital: 10/10/22 - 16/12/22

Background: Mental health disorders are on a rise. Today, one out of ten Belgians have a psychological disorder. Still, we find it harder to show empathy for mental pain than for physical pain. Why? Because mental pain is invisible and therefore difficult to understand. Moreover, stigma in society often leads to misinterpretations of that pain. Helan is a pioneer in mental well-being in the Belgian health industry. Therefore, Helan wanted to strengthen the relationship with its audience of people with a psychological disorder. The challenge was to make patients feel acknowledged and make them feel understood.

Idea: With the help of artificial intelligence, we made invisible pain visible. For the first time A.I. was not used to merely generate an image, but as a new way of communicating between people and their surroundings, enabled by a brand. Under the guidance of a clinical psychologist, we let patients express their pain in a very detailed way. First, patients were asked to describe their mental pain to a psychologist. An AI image generator then created a unique visualisation based on their description, word by word. The outcome was an objective, unbiased image of the patients’ mental pain that could be understood by Helan, and by the rest of the world. These computer generated images were exhibited at 4 of Flanders' biggest psychiatric hospitals to spark a conversation between patients, doctors and visitors. On World Mental Health Day we launched a short format documentary of our project on social media. This campaign had no commercial link or call-to-action, bringing all attention to the understanding of mental pain. The video got picked up by the press and made it to prime time national news on World Mental Health Day. The medical world responded to this and contacted us to implement this tool. Patients testified that it was the first time that they truly felt understood.

Results: Overwhelming reactions of patients showed their gratitude of finally being understood by a brand. The impact on our brand was unmistakable: whilst all competitors lost on brand awareness and brand consideration, Helan’s awareness rose with +8% and consideration with +11% The comprehension of mental pain went far beyond the relationship between Helan and patients: 1) See My Pain was a huge step forward to create more comprehension in wider society: - The documentary had an engagement rate of 228% above benchmark and a CTR to the Helan site of 253% , showing that people engaged with it on a much deeper level.- As a result of this engagement and press interest, we reached 3.2 million people, that’s half of the population in our target region (Flanders) 2) See My Pain is even transforming the medical world. The biggest Belgian Psychiatric Hospital, Group Alexius, is now using our tools for therapy.

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