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Client: IKEA
Product: IKEA Family
Title: BallerCard
Media: eDM, Social, Direct Mail, Film, PR
Country: Australia
Date Of Campaign: 12 September 2022

Background: With a proliferation of loyalty plays on offer from brands, IKEA Family risked becoming just another program filling up inboxes. We sought to reward our most loyal (and valuable) members in a way that felt uniquely IKEA, so they’d feel appreciated, remain keen loyalists, and importantly, promote the benefits of being an IKEA Family member.

Idea: People love IKEA’s iconic meatballs so we used them to launch a new icon for IKEA Family, The BallerCard. The gold metal cards unlocked a year’s supply of IKEA Meatballs (or veggie balls). BallerCards were mailed to IKEA Family’s top 250 members in luxurious, meat-ball scented, 100% recyclable packaging, making for an experience baller enough for people to post about. We used 10 data points to determine who was worthy of being rewarded with a BallerCard, ensuring only the most loyal members received one.

Results: The results were pretty baller. With a $0 media spend we achieved 4.1 million reach in earned media. 57% increase in store visits by Ballers. Retention rates of this audience grew 30 percentage points, to 87% from 57% retention rate. 204% search volume for ‘IKEA Family’ vs. previous year.

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