"The Pringles NPC"

Client: Kellogg's
Product: Pringles
Title: The Pringles NPC
Media: Experiential, OOH, Digital and Social Media, Twitch live stream, in game ads and partnership with XBOX and the game Train Sim
Country: The contest is ran throughout Europe with a focus on the U.K., France, Germany, Italy and Spain.
Date Of Campaign: 20 June to 8 Nov 2022

Background: The Pringles chip is perfectly designed for gaming. Less grease. Less mess. More game. Pringles wanted to get the attention of hard-to-impress-seen-it-all-before gamers and let them know that they are the chip that helps you stay in the game more than any other snack.At the heart of this idea was a blurring of lines between the real and virtual worlds. In a world where AI and machines are taking more and more human jobs, this was an opportunity for us to strike back on behalf of humans and get gamers excited along the way.

Idea: The world’s first paid job in a game. Working with XBOX and the game Train Sim we offered gamers the chance to become a non-playable character whose role it was to restock Pringles vending machines in the game. The job paid $25,000. You had to be human to apply. This ‘annoyed’ existing NPCs, whose virtual rage we used to promote the offer.Our recruitment campaign started in the real world with experiential and OOH but quickly moved into the virtual space, with ads inside popular gaming titles, and a supporting a series of films highlighting our disgruntled NPCs.Finally, the successful applicant was transformed into an NPC live on Twitch and transported into the game to begin work. And in the game they will stay, indefinitely.

Results: As the snack that helps gamers stay in the game, our objectives were gamer attention and engagement. They took notice, with over 42mill total impressions. And we got them hooked on our livestream with over 2.8mill minutes watched, 528,000 viewers and 20,000 engagements, smashing our KPIs by over 40%. 91 pieces of press, including national, and increased brand awareness by 38% during the campaign.

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