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Samsung España
"Unfear. The freedom to listen, live"

Client: Samsung España
Product: Unfear App with Samsung's Buds2 Pro
Title: Unfear. The freedom to listen, live
Media: TBC
Country: Spain
Date Of Campaign: 31/03/2023

Background: Globally, 70m people are on the autism spectrum. They suffer panic attacks due to hyperacusis (hypersensitivity to specific noises, such as barks, sirens or construction works)Noise cancellation headphones was their only alternative, but it isolates and deprives them of freedom.Aware of this, Samsung has developed Unfear, an advanced artificial intelligence app that filters and suppresses in real time only those noises that affect the sufferer in order to protect, relax and assist them to listen live with nothing to be afraid of.

Idea: An A.I. app goes beyond actual noise cancellation filtering personalized sounds and protecting and assisting people with Autism Spectrum Disorder and hearing disorders.Through machine learning an algorithm scans thousands of audio libraries matching and reducing specific noises that bother the collective.Unfear, filters the environment sounds & also the content coming in from the device (Gaming, Streaming & Social) opening up an entertainment that was until now, inaccessible to them.In case of anxiety provoked by other factors not related to sounds, the app can calm the user through key-word voice recognition. By just saying calm down, the app activates binaural sounds to bring the sufferer to a normality state.This multi tool also counts with an SOS button for emergency assistance letting the app to automatically call the contact registered by the user for help.

Results: 4.9/5 user rating in test phase.+100 testers in 5 Spanish citiesScientificly endorsed by the Spanish Society of Psychiatry and Mental Health.

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