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NN Insurance
"The VAT Vacation"

Client: NN Insurance
Product: Insurances
Title: The VAT Vacation
Media: /
Country: Belgium
Date Of Campaign: October 25, 2021

Background: In Belgium 75% of self-employed don’t consider a retirement plan. Because convincing them to come and talk about it with their broker is often a hopeless task. They’re just too busy with their business. Time to make them think about the future and realize the importance of retirement plan. So, we convinced self-employed by making saving for the future already pay off today.

Idea: Most insurance companies try to win over self-employed by targeting them with ads of older people on vacation. So, instead of picturing their future as a cliché, NN Insurance gave self-employed a real taste of their retirement today and introduced The VAT Vacation. An early retirement trip for self-employed to their VAT-number. While you typed in your VAT-number on our campaign website, a custom algorithm converted the digits into GPS coordinates. Every digit taking you a bit closer to the final destination, by fetching necessary numeric data from Google Maps in real-time to pinpoint a destination that was not located in the ocean or a warzone. After discovering your travel location, the only thing left to do was to book an appointment with an NN broker. To get first-class financial advice and a chance to win one of our unique VAT retirement trips.We promoted our campaign website with an integrated travel campaign: targeted videos on social media that turned VAT-numbers into GPS coordinates, digital banners on relevant websites for self-employed, prints in business magazines and newspapers, travel postcards at NN brokers’ offices, 3 radio ads and even a smart commercial that only appeared on TV for people with a professional subscription.

Results: 12 million media impressions+ 53% visits to the NN website87% of the visitors participatedUp to 20% more broker appointmentsUp to 25% more retirement plans sold

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