Rock Fm
"Speedy Rock"

Client: Rock Fm
Product: Radio
Title: Speedy Rock
Media: Radio APP / MOBILE
Country: Spain
Date Of Campaign: January 2023

Background: 43% of drivers exceed the speed limits in Spain causing more than 410 deaths in traffic accidents every year. Rock FM has more than one million daily listeners and we wanted to take advantage of the high penetration of the radio among drivers to raise awareness and reduce speeding on their journeys.

Idea: We created a special playlist to listen to in the car. This uses a geolocation API that, after accepting its use, identifies the location of our smartphone and calculates the speed of the vehicle.Using a time synchronization method such as SNTP, we get the music playback speed to be linked to the speed of the car. In such a way that, when the set limits are exceeded, the bits of the song we are listening to are progressively accelerated. More speed of the car, more speed of the song.

Results: 334,000 cars listened to the playlist. 74% of users slowed down when listening to the playlist.

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