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"The Political Flower"

Client: Majblomman
Product: Swedish children’s rights organization
Title: The Political Flower
Media: Ambient, Event, Out of Home, Online, PR, Social
Country: Sweden
Date Of Campaign: August 2022

Background: Majblomman (translated May flower) is a well-known Swedish children’s rights organization. Since 1907, they’ve been operating in Sweden to help kids who live in poverty. To raise funds, middle schoolers all over the country every May sell Majblomman’s paper flower pin, making it one of the most recognized flowers. In Sweden, one in ten children live in poverty. But leading up to the election, this wasn't even a topic of discussion. In other words, it was up to us to make politicians act on this deprioritized issue.

Idea: To change the political conversation, we took note on the fact that almost all parties, just like us, have a flower as their symbol. So, we hijacked their symbolic language and for the first time in Majblomman’s history – Eight new flower pins were introduced – One for each party. The pins were then sent to every party leader with an urge to wear them if they promised to act upon child poverty. Simultaneously, we asked the voters for help to hold politicians accountable. The response was massive. Within hours, thousands of people had tagged party leaders in our Instagram post, demanding them to act. We also snuck our message into top politicians’ social profiles by hijacking Instagram’s tag function. Making them our unaware ambassadors while reaching their hundreds of thousands of followers. Voters could also buy their own digital flower pin to show their support. This increased the organization’s revenue with + 326% in comparison to the same period previous year. Thanks to the campaign, politicians asked to meet with us and discuss the issue – Many of them started wearing our pins and by doing so, promised to act on child poverty. The initiative even reached all the way up to the EU parliament.

Results: Majblomman didn’t have a large budget for this campaign: 3584.99 Euro to be exact. Despite this, we managed to create the most successful campaign in the organization's history. + 2 540 000 Earned media+ 2688% Social media engagement + 1029% Unique visitors to campaign site + 9600% Sold flower pins in comparison to 2021

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