"Pringles Multigran"

Client: Kellogg's
Product: Pringles Multigrain
Title: Pringles Multigran
Media: Our 'typo' posters ran across the UK in 48 and 6 sheet formats from high streets and main line train stations to the London Underground. We also released a tactical film on social media highlighting the difference between multigrain chips and old ladies.
Country: UK
Date Of Campaign: October 2022

Background: We get excited about New Product launches. But what about real people? Not so much. That was the challenge we faced at the launch of Pringles Multigrain. They look, crunch and taste just as great as normal Pringles. That’s big news, but we needed something more to get everyone talking about Multigrain. Our canvas was set with out of home media booked. We needed a poster to get people talking.

Idea: We had little budget, but we needed to make a big noise. And so we did it with a little mistake. To launch New Multigrain Pringles, we tapped into the social media culture of shaming, by making a mistake, on purpose. A small typo on our poster campaign stated that Pringles are now made of ‘multiGRAN’ instead of MulitGRAIN. This started the social piranha feeding frenzy we hoped for, which then allowed us to respond with our tactical but educational film helping people distinguish the difference between ‘multigran’ and ‘multigrain’. A ludicrous, yet deadpan comedy message to the world, correcting our ‘mistake’ and raising a smile. The film got mouths talking, laughing and finally, eating. Multi-grins all round. Convincing any client to run a nationwide OOH campaign with a typo on it is no mean feat but what this allowed us to do was essentially run a social campaign masquerading as an outdoor poster.

Results: Everyone knows what Pringles are and what ‘multigrain’ means. With little budget, our objectives were simply to maximise attention and remind people to try our new product in their next shop. We delivered over 27m impressions, and our films got over 6.3m views. What’s more, our typo generated enough Twitter shaming to reach an extra 7m people. Over £3.8m of Multigrain has been sold since launch.

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