Wunderman Thompson


Client: GIG
Product: Eco Clean
Title: Staincyclopedia
Media: Book
Country: Jordan
Date Of Campaign: Feb 16th

Background: EcoClean, a new and improved laundry detergent brand is about to launch, and coming from the well known and respected Jordanian manufacturer GIG: Giant industrial Group, we needed to show that it is powerful on almost every stain. at first direct marketing to high influential people in the Jordanian market then launching it to the public.we identified 20-30 influencers to DM them.

Idea: We searched for, identified and tested the most common and the hardest stains out there. then we compiled them in a handmade, interactive, informative, pun-filled book,That’s half information, half real-life stains.Every stain comes with a name, story, and step-by-step removal guide.And a piece of stained real fabric that people can cut and try washing it following the tips provided.

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