BMW Middle East - BMW AGMC
"BMW Museum of Sound"

Client: BMW Middle East - BMW AGMC
Product: BMW
Title: BMW Museum of Sound
Media: Live Event, Blockchain / NFT
Country: United Arab Emirates
Date Of Campaign: 11/06/2021

Background: BMW has doubled down on its commiment to sustainibilty by aiming to deliver 25 electrified models on road by 2023. Die-hard fans however have mixed feelings about this transition because they will miss the roaring sounds of the BMW M combustion engine.

Idea: We invited BMW M owners for a unique opportunity to immortalize the sounds of their cars forever. The throaty roars of their engines were recorded on location at Dubai Autodrome and turned into NFTs with unique art renditions to pair with the audio. This collection titled BMW Museum of Sound was launched on, the largest peer to peer NFT marketplace to be preserved forever, creating perpetual value and nostalgia for owners and fans. This campaign not only gave us a chance to acknowledge their avid fandom, but also an opportunity to tell them more about the BMW M electric lineup. It also doubled up as a great way to catch the attention of fence sitters and loyalists of competitor brands to imagine the perks of driving a BMW.

Results: BMW became the first auto brand to successfully launch an NFT of this kind. Even the most seasoned critiques of the NFT world were impressed by the clever use of the engine sounds to create an NFT that’s more than just a fad. And for our die-hard fans, (past, present and future) we created an entirely new way to celebrate their love for our cars. The campaign has garnered press coverage worth millions, and more importantly, the applications for test driving the upcoming electric models have seen a massive spike (+400%) since the launch.

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