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Dutch Mill Co.,Ltd.
"Sponsor of Mom-and-Pop Shops"

Client: Dutch Mill Co.,Ltd.
Product: Dmalt Can and White Gold Milk Can
Title: Sponsor of Mom-and-Pop Shops
Media: Facebook, Youtube
Country: Thailand
Date Of Campaign: 13 January 2021

Background: Dutch Mill's milk can products, Dmalt Can and White Gold Milk, are sold exclusively in mom-and-pop shops all over Thailand. However, these shops are struggling from declining sales due to the emergence of online shopping, the expansion of CVS, and the ongoing pandemic. Dutch Mill wanted to help out these small independent shops, which are the beating heart of Dutch Mill's business as well as the entire Thai economy.

Idea: We found that our milk cans are often purchased in pairing with other snacks. Since each mom-and-pop shop sells their own signature local snack, we launched The Sponsor of Mom-and-Pop Shops?? campaign to drive sales for both Dutch Mil''s milk cans and each shop's homemade snacks at the same time.We kicked off with a recruitment film asking mom-and-pop shops all over Thailand to submit homemade clips for advertising their homemade snacks with our milk cans. Then, Dutch Mill boosted these clips as geo-targeted ads to customers within each shop's 1km radius. Shop owners could also upload and boost their own clips via our DIY microsite platform. In addition, we also provided each participating shop with product posters and combo packs to help drive their sales at the point of purchase.

Results: - More than 200 mom-and-pop shops around Thailand joined the campaign by sending their clips to Dutch Mill - Average sales of all participating mom-and-pop shops increased by 20%- Dmalt Cans and White Gold Milk sales went up 200%- 40 Million Impressions- $500K Earned Media

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