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WWF Germany
"Non-Fungible Animals"

Client: WWF Germany
Product: WWF
Title: Non-Fungible Animals
Media: online, social media
Country: Germany, International
Date Of Campaign: November 2021 - ongoing

Background: Alongside global warming and climate change, species conservation is one of the biggest issues of our time. For years, WWF Germany has been working to conserve the world’s biological diversity and protect endangered species. But how can we communicate this well-known problem in a new way?

Idea: 2021 was a breakthrough year for digital art. A lot of hype surrounded Non-Fungibles Tokens, which generated record revenues and made headlines around the world. WWF decided to turn the hype into help. By using NFTs to protect something that is equally unique and irreplaceable: endangered species.

Results: For the first time, Non-Fungible Tokens became Non-Fungible Animals. In collaboration with renowned international artists, 10 digital artworks were created to support the fight to save 10 endangered species. All NFAs were limited to the exact number of animals left in the world. A campaign was launched highlighting the drop everywhere. Not only on the most common social networks, but also on relevant channels for the NFT community: Twitter, Discord and specialized blogs. The campaign has featured artists and artworks, as well as the partnership with the green blockchain Polygon for environmentally friendly NFTs. Non-Fungible Animals established a completely new way to raise money – and changed the conversation about NFTs highlighting an important topic for the whole society. The result: over 65 million reach and more than 250,000.00 euros in proceeds. The next drop is already being planned.

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