Save the Children
"Book of Last Possessions"

Client: Save the Children
Product: Refugee auctioned items
Title: Book of Last Possessions
Media: Book
Country: Jordan
Date Of Campaign: January, 2021

Background: The war in Syria has displaced over 8.4 million people, making it a human crisis second only to World War 2. But every news about it becomes a passing headline day after day. People are now experiencing compassion fatigue that makes them indifferent towards the crisis. Save The Children wanted people to understand what it feels to be forced out of your home. There was a genuine need for compassion again. That’s why we looked deep into the children surviving this unfortunate reality and found something that cannot be ignored. The belongings they fled with. Their Last Possessions.

Idea: We created “The Last Possessions”. A book that tells the stories of refugee children through the very last object they fled with. Israa’s pocket mirror, Fahid’s fidget spinner, Amjad’s flute, Sewar’s teddy bear. 25 possessions that carry unfortunate tales of escape, memories of loved ones and the only hope for survival, were written in Haiku poetry. Through the book, we auctioned their ‘Last possessions’ with a twist, where people were invited to bid but encouraged to donate and help the children keep their Last Possessions.

Results: The Last Possessions recreated empathy for refugee children, encouraging e-book downloads in 46 countries and generating a 26% rise in donations. Every single donation was a promise to give the refugee children a new life. Without a single possession leaving its rightful owner, we brought attention to a crisis the world had forgotten.

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