Innocean Australia

"Little Angels"

Client: Hyundai
Product: Santa Fe
Title: Little Angels
Media: TV & Cinema
Country: Australia
Date Of Campaign: 18/01/2021

Background: Modern families lead hectic lives. It’s a constant juggle of weekend sport, kids play dates, extracurricular activities, pick-ups, drop-offs, the list goes on… Our brief was to position the Hyundai Santa Fe as an oasis of calm in this maelstrom of activity. With plenty of space and technology for everyone, the Santa Fe gives busy families the perfect place to stop and breathe.

Idea: Thanks to the comfort of the new Hyundai Santa Fe, children are transformed from little devils into little angels. Like they’re possessed by peace.

Results: The campaign became Hyundai’s best performing creative of all time. With 45% increase in Sante Fe sales. And highest results in both Consideration and Sales since 2018.

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