Leo Burnett

Leo Burnett
"The Littlest Bailout"

Client: Leo Burnett
Product: Country Time Lemonade
Title: The Littlest Bailout
Media: Video spot
Country: United States
Date Of Campaign: 07/15/2020

Background: Country Time is using its thirst for justice to help young entrepreneurs. According to their keen insights, COVID-19 was causing lemonade stands to close down across the country. Country Time has deiced to help kids keep their prized businesses afloat during this difficult economic time with the creation of The Littlest Bailout Relief Fund. As a part of this new campaign, a handful of lucky lemonade stand owners across the country will receive a modest sum to keep their entrepreneurial spirit alive.

Idea: When an unprecedented pandemic rattled our economy and any plans we had for the rest of our year, things were not looking good for kids’ summer lemonade stands. While large buisnesses were receiving bailout funds, our littlest entrepreneurs were left struggling. Country Time’s favorite small businesses—lemonade stands—were drying up across the country.The lemonade brand teamed up with Leo Burnett to create The Littlest Bailout Relief Fund. Any young lemonade stand owner can apply for a bailout check and a few lucky winners will receive a little juice to help their business flow. The bailouts come in the form of a commemorative check and a $100 prepaid card.This isn’t the first time Country Time has extended their hand towards America’s youngest business people. In 2018, Country Time and Leo Burnett launched Legal-Ade, which helped kids across the country pay permit fees and fines on their lemonade stands due to outdated permit laws, prompting legislation in several states to legalize lemonade stands. In a time when kids have had their summer plans cancelled and have had to socially distance from family and friends, this bailout gives them the chance to make their summer just a little sweeter.

Results: This campaign continued the success of Country Time’s Legal Relief fund. This campaign had over 1.1 Billion earned media impressions and 80%+ positive sentiment on social media. The work was covered by The Onion, The Chicago Sun Times, Newsweek and more. The campaign saw success with over 22,000 applicants for The Littlest Bailout. Country Time’s mission to help the country’s youngest entrepreneurs has only led to more positive impressions in the has clearly led to success for the brand.

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