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NZ Human Rights Commission
"Voice of Racism"

Client: NZ Human Rights Commission
Product: Human rights
Title: Voice of Racism
Media: Digital
Country: New Zealand
Date Of Campaign: 21/07/2020

Background: Most of us are more than willing to say we’re anti-racist. But how can we actively and successfully fight racism if we don’t know what it can sound like? We needed to expose the spectrum of racism that exists in New Zealand, to allow people to see how they were contributing to harm.

Idea: allows anyone to feel the burden of relentless racism. Thousands of real microaggressions were gathered from real people in New Zealand and re-voiced for the experience. Each unique user journey ends with a customised learning tool, teaching you how to fight the racism you heard and challenge others to do the same. ‘Voice of Racism’ is now used as a learning tool in government, education, business, sports and media, and is exhibited in New Zealand’s Waikato Museum, Te Whare Taonga o Waikato.

Results: Even though the initial campaign driving to the site lasted just 2 months, ‘Voice of Racism’ has had a reach of over 21 million so far. The experience remains live and is now being used as a learning tool in education, businesses, sport, media and government. It is also exhibited in New Zealand’s Waikato Museum, Te Whare Taonga o Waikato, to educate all New Zealanders about how racism can feel.

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