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Child Rights Foundation
"GiF Learning Library"

Client: Child Rights Foundation
Product: Child Rights Foundation
Title: GiF Learning Library
Media: Digital, Social, Design
Country: Philippines
Date Of Campaign: August 18, 2021

Background: Countries all over the world are beginning to reopen. But the Philippines remains on lockdown, holding the record for its longest and strictest implementation. This has seen a drastic increase of more than 200% in Online Sexual Exploitation Cases since March 2020. This trend continues to rise with increased poverty and unsupervised Internet access. Facebook and The Child’s Rights Network built an accessible resource to help grown-ups teach children about home and online safety. The GiF Learning Library was developed when there were no open production houses. And was entirely produced, developed, and now sustained at minimal cost, on the Instagram platform.

Idea: The GiF Learning Library is a series of children’s stories built page by page, by layering GiF stickers readily available on the Instagram platform. Through the technique of layering GiF stickers, we were able to create fully-animated scenes without having to spend any resources on animation. A total of 1,248 stickers were layered one on top of the other to create three fully-animated stories. This made our stories more captivating with gentle, not overly-stimulating, animation. The stories platform also lent itself into book-like story telling, with parents in control of story pace and “page turning”. The work ran entirely on Instagram with augmented experiences on Facebook which included live celebrity readings and digital safety talks for parents.The fully-animated stories were made entirely on Instagram—without any post-production work. We created each animated page by layering 1,248 stickers, all already available on Instagram. This allowed us to create engaging scenes that could hold the attention of young children. And get a story to animate, while the world came to a halt.The expertise of Facebook and The Childs Rights Network informed each story released, to ensure the right topics were touched on when teaching about offline and online safety. The stories were released in both English and Filipino, and were augmented with interactive quizzes and a live reading by local celebrity Bianca Gonzales.

Results: The platform received an estimated 224,000 monthly site visits, earning $20,000 in media values.

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