"TIM Conscious Keyboard"

Client: TIM
Product: Institutional
Title: TIM Conscious Keyboard
Media: App (IOS and Android), Influencer Squad (22 people)
Country: Brazil
Date Of Campaign: 20/nov/2020

Background: Brazil was the last occidental country to abolish slavery, that had a profound effect in our society: structural racism. An unwanted legacy that people don’t notice anymore and still lives on in our culture, behavior and most important our language.In a world where everyone is connected and have a mobile, words have become exponentially more powerful. The racially biased expressions have now the reach to impact millions of people.TIM, one of Brazil’s biggest phone carriers, has diversity and inclusion as its brand pillars and knows the crucial role smartphones have in shaping today’s society. That’s why we wanted to raise awareness to the racism hidden in the language we use, but most important, we wanted to create a tool to fight against it with an even more powerful weapon: education.

Idea: TIM Conscious Keyboard app is a mobile keyboard that alerts the user when a racially biased expression is used. It than teaches about the history behind the word and proposes a different vocabulary. This way creating a more inclusive environment in our society.

Results: - Number 7 on the app store in the first day of release.- Structural racism in words became subject of morning shows.- PR coverage in more than 30 national media outlets in 4 countries.- The app became an education tool in elementary schools.- The app became a default feature in the installation kit of every TIM phone.- It served as inspiration for similar initiatives that tackled other kinds of prejudice.

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