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Westpac Bank
"Post-fire Cards"

Client: Westpac Bank
Product: Westpac Brand
Title: Post-fire Cards
Media: Direct Mail / Print / Illustration
Country: Australia
Date Of Campaign: 1st November 2020

Background: Small Australian communities devastated by bushfires, struggled to rebuild with COVID stopping tourist dollars. With restrictions easing, Aussies could help by visiting and spending money. As one of Australia’s largest small business banks, and with a brand position of ‘help’, Westpac bank wanted to demonstrate that their commitment went beyond just ‘thoughts and prayers’. The brief was to create a campaign that would have a tangible impact on small business by encouraging visitation. To ensure Westpac were having the greatest impact possible, almost the entire budget went to loading the cards with money.

Idea: Post-Fire CardsAs one of Australia’s largest small business banks, and with a brand position of ‘help’ dating back decades, Westpac wanted to demonstrate that their commitment to the bushfire affected communities went beyond just the ‘thoughts and prayers’ of so many other brands. The idea was to create a series of postcards designed to appear as if they were from the areas most negatively impacted by the bushfires and in desperate need of tourist dollars. These would invite the bank's staff to come and visit and spend money, but would also feature a debit card loaded with $150 to encourage people to make the journey.

Results: Now that COVID restrictions are easing and Australian's are able to travel freely the cards are a timely reminder to encourage people to spend in the communicates that need it most. The post-fire campaign is a 12-month one, allowing those who receive the cards to spend their time in the areas over the course of a year. With tens of thousands of dollars distributed on these cards, the impact of visitation to these smaller communities is enormous, given when someone visits they are far more likely to spend more than the initial $150 loaded on the card itself.

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