Sancho BBDO

"Insane Helmets"

Client: Mobil
Product: Mobil Super Moto
Title: Insane Helmets
Media: Branded Content
Country: Colombia
Date Of Campaign: May 2019

Background: Every year in Colombia, 3200 motorcyclist dies, most of them for brain injuries and 40% of them could have saved their lifes using a certified helmet.Incredibly, most motorcyclist choose their helmets by the design and not by the security they offers.

Idea: We turn the most insecure helmets into the most attractive.That way we created Insane Helmets. A new helmet brand, inspired by data of road accidents but illustrated by an urban artist, just to proof that the most attractive helmets are not the safest.

Results: We reach millions of motorcyclist with our message.Road Police started using the helmets to create awareness about this problematic; but the most important, choosing a certified helmer could be a national law.

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Branded Content