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Loto Libanais
"Dream Number"

Client: Loto Libanais
Product: Lottery
Title: Dream Number
Media: Poster, Print, Digital, Mobile, Outdoor
Country: Lebanon
Date Of Campaign: 14/02/2020

Background: While lottery sales have been on the decline globally over the last few years, things were especially bleak in Lebanon. The number of young people playing the Lotto had dropped for the third year running, and Loto Libanais sales were down drastically. With an increasing debt crisis in the country, most of the Lebanese population were pessimistic about the future. They saw little opportunity to achieve their goals and ambitions. We needed to inspire the people to dream again, and encourage them to play the Loto!

Idea: We challenged the age-old practice of picking a lottery ticket with a number, and gave people a chance to enter the lottery with their dreams. We launched Dream Number - an online application where users could enter their dreams, to generate their very own unique lottery numbers. By designing a bespoke typeface in English and Arabic, with multiple number combinations embedded within each character, the application allowed users to create billions of number combinations, allowing them to enter the lottery instantly.We gave the people a new way to play the Lotto by launching the Dream Number online application which allowed users to enter their dreams and generate unique lottery numbers instantly. The ‘real’ dreams entered by users were then turned into our print campaign, which featured hidden numbers within the dreams. These user-generated ads captured the mood of the Lebanese people and gave them more reason to turn their dreams into a reality. We communicated our message with the help of digital billboards, that effectively showcased how real dreams were turned into lottery numbers. We also created social content and got the always-online youth of Lebanon excited about our new way to play.

Results: Within the first week, we received more than 100,000 entries Over 50,000 conversions to ticket sales The campaign resulted in a 70% spike in Loto Libanais website traffic Sales increase of 32%

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