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"Warning Spots"

Client: Suncorp
Product: AAMI
Title: Warning Spots
Media: Spotify
Country: Australia
Date Of Campaign: 11 March 2019

Background: Situation: There are too many avoidable accidents on Australian roads. No one knows this better than AAMI, Australia’s leading motor insurance company. Every year, AAMI collects comprehensive data from thousands of road accidents across Australia, into their annual AAMI Crash Index. Sharing the locations of accident hotspots and major causes of accidents in an effort to make drivers aware of these dangers. Brief: AAMI knows accident numbers spike over long weekends and holidays. Our challenge was to create a road safety campaign to remind Australians to be extra careful, particularly around the most dangerous locations. We needed an innovative solution to deliver this important message.Objectives: Making our roads safer is at the heart of everything AAMI stands for. We thought it was time time to put all our data to good use, make our roads a little safer and help reduce the number of accidents over long weekends.

Idea: AAMI Warning Spots combine multiple data sources to deliver a world-first in road safety messages: Spotify ads using advanced geotargeting to pinpoint a driver’s precise location and alert them to a specific road hazard ahead. AAMI was able to do this after gathering data from thousands of accidents across Australia, plus additional data from government reports, news items and other sources. This data allowed us to identify not only the exact locations of accident hotspots, but also determine the main causes of these accidents.Spotify is Australia’s most popular music site, used by nearly 2.5 million people. This audience is almost exclusively listening to Spotify’s mobile app, with 60% of all users using the free ad-funded platform. Using Spotify’s advanced geotargeting, we pinpointed the precise location of drivers, matching this data with AAMI’s data to target drivers in close proximity to accident hotspots and warn them of oncoming dangers ahead.

Results: Reach numbers were restricted to Spotify listeners within small geotargeted areas in close proximity to accident hotspots.• 64% of all Spotify listeners driving through our targeted areas were served an AAMI Warning Spot, nearly two thirds of the total audience. • 94% completion rate. Engagement was much higher than the average Spotify ad. • 92% positive sentiment towards AAMI Brand. • Featured in over 40 pieces of national and international media.• Business Impact: Our campaign was an awareness road safety message, and as such there were no specific sales or business targets. However, after the successful launch, AAMI Warning Spots will now be served all over Australia, alerting drivers of specific hazards at all major accident hotspots in every state and territory.

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