Central Office for Public Interest

Client: Central Office for Public Interest
Product: Central Office for Public Interest
Media: Website, OOH, DOOH, DM, Projections, Classifieds
Country: United Kingdom
Date Of Campaign: October 2019

Background: 10,000 Londoners die prematurely every year due to toxic air. But this is an invisible killer. Unseen, ignored, and all the more deadly as a result. How could we get Londoners to see the problem, and care enough to do something about it

Idea: linked air pollution to something Londoners do care about – property prices. We took 6 million data points covering NO² levels and simplified them into a five band Air Quality rating for every address in London, with a report showing its health and financial costs. For the first time homeowners could see if their home exceeded WHO limits; and demand local and national action.

Results: 1 in every 10 London households have generated an Air Quality Report. For perspective, this is more than twice as many as the number of properties changing hands in London in any given year.The campaign overall reached over 30 million people, far beyond London. It was discussed on the BBC, Good Morning Britain, Channel 4, Sky News, ITV and TalkRadio, made front page news of The Times and appeared in 90 other national news publications. Zoopla have made the Air Quality rating system available as a tool on their website. Other property portals are using our API to produce Air Quality Ratings for every listing. As a result of, National Trading Standards have mandated the disclosure of Air Quality Ratings to property buyers and renters. This is lasting change, recruiting an army of homeowners and renters as a powerful lobbying force in the fight against air pollution. Over half local councils have adopted the anti-pollution measures homeowners petitioned through, and the government has brought forward the single national policy change we lobbied for

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