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"Dunkin' Docs"

Client: Dunkin'
Product: Dunkin'
Title: Dunkin' Docs
Media: Online Films
Country: USA
Date Of Campaign: 6/13/2019

Background: Since the beginning, Dunkin’ has come to serve more than just delicious coffee and food. They impact the lives of their customers daily by serving something extra: optimism.There are so many stories about how Dunkin’ has made a positive impact on the lives of their customers and employees, and we wanted to share them with the world.

Idea: Dunkin’ Docs is a series of three-minute online videos capturing inspirational and optimistic stories about Dunkin employees and customers. Through intimate personal vignettes, we explore how people have made Dunkin a part of their everyday lives, and how Dunkin has given back to them. Each story is told through a combination of interview, observational footage, and B-roll. A single formal interview forms the spine of the narrative, as well as creates an emotional connection with the subject for the viewer. B-roll of the subjects gives us a glimpse into their daily lives, and we film a segment with each of them at the Dunkin’ store that’s at the heart of their stories.

Results: The Dunkin’ Docs had 24M earned impressions and 2.37M organic views across all Dunkin’ Docs videos. The docs had a 20x click-through rate of video ads to continue onto the long form, and a 1:44 average viewing time, including skippable placements.

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