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"Painted by Everyone"

Client: Bacardi
Product: Bombay Sapphire
Title: Painted by Everyone
Media: OOH
Country: USA
Date Of Campaign: 8/22/2019

Background: As a brand Bombay Sapphire believes that everyone is born a creative but as we grow older our daily responsibilities prevent us from expressing this creativity. To help change this narrative, Bombay Sapphire has set out to be a champion of creativity and inspiration, developing various campaigns to support up-and-coming artists, like “Art Without Labels,” and “Art In Progress.”

Idea: This year, the brand wanted to facilitate creativity on a large scale and enable anyone, not just members of the art community, to participate in a creative act. Painted by Everyone is a public art installation from Bombay Sapphire, which combined a series of contributions from around the country into a singular work of art. Users could log in from anywhere into our website, and pick a spot on our live canvas to make their mark. State-of-the-art robotic technology would then paint the dot on the real-life painting, installed in a vibrant outdoor space in Los Angeles, California. The stunt generated over 7000 unique marks and 152,211,620 impressions, allowing the brand to both enable acts of creativity and spread awareness of their mission to do so. The activation also garnered several mentions in publications like AdWeek, Forbes, and local stations across the country.

Results: With 152,211,620 total impressions, this was the biggest brand act Bombay Sapphire has done in recent history and helps cement their commitment to creativity and the arts.Over 7,537 people directly interacted with the piece by making their stroke on the final painting and later receiving their own piece of the canvas ready to be shared on social media. Their names were listed in the interactive experience, and they were each credited as one of the painters at the renowned Saatchi Other Art Fair, where the painting toured the U.S. and was seen by 20,000 people.The campaign was featured in dozens of cultural publications, including Forbes, Trend Hunter and Vulture, among others. We surpassed client expectations, delivering larger user participation and impressions than were expected. In North America, we registered a 6% increase in Bombay Sapphire sales during the markets where and the period when the campaign was live.

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