Dot Incorporation
"Dot Translate"

Client: Dot Incorporation
Product: The First Braille Translator Based on AI.
Title: Dot Translate
Media: Website (, Physical Product Dot Mini, PR, Social Media
Country: Global
Date Of Campaign: March 15th, 2019

Background: For 285 million blind and visually impaired people worldwide, only 3% of all text content is available in braille. Braille translation is so complex that it requires input by human experts. Grade 2 Braille—the standard for long text—relies heavily on contractions. This makes it inaccessible for individuals and not profitable for publishers. With no alternative to braille, especially in education: 90% of people who can’t read braille are unemployed.

Idea: Dot Translate is the first AI braille translator working at near-human accuracy. Trained with millions of highly accurate translation samples, made accessible through an intuitive web interface, Dot devices and other digital braille devices. Formats and sources cover a wide range: type, e-pub, pdf, txt, doc, rtf, html, voice and even translating whole websites. Most importantly: While existing software costs up to $700, Dot Translate is free to use.

Results: Dot Translate has so far translated over 20 million words and is supported by organizations like LVPEI, serving millions of blind and visually impaired people worldwide. Feedback during rollout of first 1000 Dot Mini units in Kenya and India confirm that Dot Mini is a life-changing device for the visually impaired. 300,000 books are already directly available through partnerships with big content platforms like Rakuten Kobo and Yes24. Over 50,000 Dot Mini units were pre-ordered for global launch in 2019.

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