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Dodo Pizza
"Open source pizza"

Client: Dodo Pizza
Product: Dodo Pizza
Title: Open source pizza
Media: mixed
Country: Russia
Date Of Campaign: October 2020

Background: Dodo Pizza is a digital-first pizza company and one of the fastest growing food franchises in Russia. In Russia alone, the number of Dodo pizzerias already exceeded 500, making it the nation’s largest pizza company. Dodo is an innovative brand, offering its partners cutting-edge proprietary IT products (also known as Dodo IS). Simply put, Dodo Pizza is where technology meets pizza delivery. To maintain growth and extend the franchise abroad Dodo needed a campaign that would help promote its IT capabilities among potential partners. We were focusing on small business owners across different markets both in Europe and other continents: small family pizzerias and non-chain eateries. For which Dodo capabilities could be of particular interest - a way to revamp their business and switch to a more modern and innovative format.

Idea: Our AI found the perfect combination of ingredients based on an analysis of 300,000 recipes and scientific papers on food pairing conducted by Cambridge and other USA universities. We shared the recipe and uploaded AI’s source code on GitHub. We also created a bot that searched for pizzerias on Instagram and shared Open Source Pizza with potential franchise partners.

Results: With a $0 media budget Open Source Pizza generated 400M impressions. The campaign attracted attention of both media and leading global food retailers: Dodo innovative spirit was celebrated in Bloomberg and TakeOut, by Subway and Papa John’s executives. Not to mention the social buzz that users generated in Social media following our molecularly perfect pizza sampling.As a result our AI got over 10,000 requests and its source code got over 1,500 hits. Open Source Pizza provoked immediate interest in the Dodo franchise: 70 franchises purchases followed the campaign, while requests keep growing.

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