Fundación Televisa

Client: Fundación Televisa
Product: Programa Becalos
Title: Fountain
Media: Guerrilla
Country: México
Date Of Campaign: august 2018

Background: Becalos Program is a scholarships platform that depends on donations to help kids in low income families to study (even College). The problem is that convincing people to donate by the traditional approaches is getting harder so, it's necessary to find new ways of touching people and inspiring the to donate.

Idea: Fountains are believed to fulfill dreams if a coin is thrown into them, so we transformed one of the most traditional, popular and visited Mexico City Fountains in a donation center. People visited it to wish for something, we inspired them to wish for someone else's education, and throw the coin, which Becalos collected afterwards and took it as a donation.

Results: The Fountain contributed to reach the historic number of $632,000 USD, in addition to putting the donation for education topic in the center of the media discussion table.

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