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Prisa Radio
"Exta No"

Client: Prisa Radio
Product: Los40
Title: Exta No
Media: radio, digital
Country: Spain
Date Of Campaign: 14/02/2018

Background: Spain's most popular music radio station wanted to do a special action for Valentine's Day. But since every other station would be playing love songs all day, what could they do that was different?

Idea: Many couples have songs that are special to them so that when they break up the music acquires a terrible poignancy.On St. Valentine’s Day, Los40 listeners could have the heartbreak songs they didn’t want to hear banned from the airwaves.Ads ran on the station saying, “We are turning Valentine’s Day upside down. Request a song you can’t stand and we’ll be sure not to play it.”

Results: Listeners sent funny voice messages to the radio: “Please don’t play ‘Me with You, You with Me’. I find it unbearable, thinking of my idiot ex. ‘Me with you, you with that cheating tart.” “If I hear ‘Chendelier’ by Sia right now, driving my car, I think I'll drive right off the road”.

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