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"Extra Support Acts"

Client: Wrigley
Product: Extra Gum
Title: Extra Support Acts
Media: Integrated
Country: Australia
Date Of Campaign: Aug - Nov 2018

Background: The task? Get young people talking about EXTRA again by bringing to life the ‘Time to Shine’ brand platform in the music space. EXTRA was a newcomer to the music space, for our campaign to work we needed to our presence to enhance young people’s music experience rather than gate crash it. So we decided to get rid of something they hated – ads – and replace them with something they loved – discovering new music. Traditionally, supporting a big band on tour was the best way for up and coming artists to get in front of new audiences and music execs. In 2018 more people listen to and discover music on YouTube than anywhere else yet the concept of support acts is yet to be replicated online - this is where we came in. EXTRA Support Acts - An all new stage for unsigned artists.

Idea: More people listen to and discover music on YouTube than any other platform. But no one likes the pre-rolls, especially, when you’re trying to listen to your favourite band. So, EXTRA in partnership with Universal Music and YouTube transformed 17.2 million crappy pre-roll ads before Australia’s most popular music videos into digital support slots for unsigned artists. If you searched for any track by one of our headliners instead of seeing an annoying ad you’d see a performance from an emerging artist introduced by the artist you were searching for. User engagement data decided 4 winners, who went on to play at the ARIA’s – voting was simple - the longer people watched the pre roll performances the more they voted.

Results: The campaign resulted in YouTube YouTube’s highest ever view through rate. Not just in Australia, but globally.Average view time was 03:16 minutes, that’s 03.09 minutes past the skip point. In total, the campaign was viewed 18.7m times totalling 935,000 hours of branded content. The campaign introduced 9% of young Australians to new music, all brought to them by the EXTRA brand. The partnership also worked wonders for the unsigned artists. The Southern River band are now signed to Universal and have an endorsement deal with Wrangler.Yomi Twice was a featured artist on Spotify, KWASI went on to Support 360 (his digital headliner) for real in concert, Taylor Payne is currently collaborating with 5 Seconds of Summer, and Ivey went on to play on the main stage at Falls Festival.

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