"The Greater Outdoors"

Client: Eaton
Product: Temporary power solutions
Title: The Greater Outdoors
Media: Direct mail, Landing page
Country: Canada
Date Of Campaign: August 1, 2018

Background: The Situation: Eaton manufactures temporary power solutions designed for outdoor sites like marinas and RV parks so that boaters and campers can access safe and reliable power for their vehicles, appliances, phones, TVs and more. These rugged and weatherproof products include “The Lighthouse”, which can be installed at marinas of all sizes; and Temporary Power Panels designed to enhance the guest experience at campgrounds. They’re easy to set up and even easier to use, making them appealing to both business owners and their customers.The Challenge:Too busy getting their outdoor sites ready for the season, RV park and marina owners do not have the time or inclination to field unsolicited calls from some random sales team. To reach these time-starved business owners, we had to devise another way to grab their attention – one that would give them the information they need at a time of their choosing and the ability to book a sales call on their terms. We also needed to design our communications to break through the clutter in a concise and engaging way while appealing to the sensibilities of those who make their living outdoors. The Objective:To drive 100 of 400 mailing recipients to our landing page, representing a 25% response rateTo collect prospective customer data online to help finesse future marketing communications

Idea: The Insight:For marina and RV park owners, success is all about making connections with customers who trust them to make their experience in the great outdoors even greater. Boaters and RV owners will not only connect with marinas and campgrounds that make it easy to access safe and reliable power, but will do repeat business if they know they can count on that quality service every time. All Eaton had to do was prove to this audience that its power solutions can help strengthen their customer connections. The Execution:For this campaign, we went beyond the brief – which was to create a direct mail package – and developed a compelling user journey that lead our audience to an informative online destination.Direct Mail: We created a mailing consisting of a metal carrier that emulated a fishing tackle box. Teaser copy promised that the great outdoors starts with what’s inside this mailing. The box held a personalized cover letter (a marina owner version or an RV park owner version) introducing Eaton and its outdoor power solutions. Also inside, affixed to a card that one might find in a sporting goods store, was an Eaton-branded fishing lure that would appeal to anyone who works outdoors. But this was no ordinary fishing lure – it also doubled as a coded USB jump key that – when plugged into a computer – would automatically load a landing page that served as a gateway to an Eaton microsite. Landing Page: When you have two business audiences and only enough time and money to build one landing page, how do you accommodate both? Our solution was to design a landing page that allowed visitors to self-select either the marina or the RV park version by swiping left or right. In doing so, they would be able to download more relevant information on Eaton’s power solutions for outdoor sites and/or request a callback by an Eaton sales representative.

Results: Of the 400 direct mail packages that were delivered, 268 recipients jumped to the online landing page to download more information and/or to arrange a sales call at a time best suited to their schedules. This represented a 67% response rate, far exceeding our target of 25% by a whopping 168%!Because the “lure” jump keys were coded, we know exactly who responded and what was of interest to them. This will help Eaton fine-tune future communications to turn past nibbles into future bites.Our thoughts:Sometimes, the best creative opportunities are the ones you least expect. In a world full of fashion, financial services, packaged goods, automobiles, vacation destinations and all of those other sexy categories, who would have thought marina and RV power solutions would be so much fun to work on?We believe that creativity is the single most powerful tool you can bring to bear to help solve a client’s marketing challenges. And the response to this initiative, in our humble opinion, proves it.

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