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Directory has been in business since 2016, a subscription-based print magazine and an online archive housing some 4,000+ of the most innovative ideas in response marketing.

The editorial stance has always been to celebrate what is loosely called direct marketing.

Hence the name. Direct - ory. Geddit?

But direct has evolved rapidly in the last eleven years. Any idea designed to elicit some sort of a response is an idea Directory is interested in.

A response can be a click or a like, a link shared, a step taken further down the customer journey. It can be a coupon completed and mailed out, a phone number called, an online purchase made.

In some cases it can be a laugh or a smile.

A subscription to Directory costs £600 a year - for four magazines and five passwords to the online version. In effect, it keeps six people in daily touch with the very latest developments in marketing communications for the price of a cappuccino.

For more information, visit the website or email [email protected]

Directory was founded and is edited by Patrick Collister, former executive creative director and Vice Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather London, and erstwhile Head of Design for Google's creative think-tank in Northern Europe, The Zoo.