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Client relations


The Caples Awards has always tried to promote creativity to the client community as an important business tool. And while creativity is the single most important criteria of judgement, results are important too.


What makes The Caples Awards different is that the jury's views on why an entry was given an award will be published in the Book of the Show and any entrant can receive feedback as to why their work did or did not win.

Promoting creativity

In 2018, The Caples Awards plans to take presentations of the winners to conferences, seminars, agencies and client companies; to use the inspiring work from the show to inspire marketers; and to offer proof that great ideas lead to great results.

Free to the winning clients

And to offer proof that great ideas are effective ideas, The Caples Awards 2018 Book of the Show will be given free to the Marketing Director responsible for every winning piece of work.

PR value

Recorded for posterity

One copy of The Caples Awards 2018 Book of the Show will also be made available to the the agency or team responsible for any winning campaign. The Caples Awards 2018 presentation will be made available to any agency that requests it, in order to inspire staff or clients. The Caples Awards will try to secure local press coverage of the winning work.


The Caples Awards offers a chance for creative leaders to meet and share pain with others of their ilk. For three days, top Executive Creative Directors and Chief Creative Officers look at great work, discuss the themes and consider the direction of travel for advertising today. If you would like to be considered as a judge in 2019, contact [email protected] now.

For creative people

The Caples Awards is an awards show managed by creative people for creative people, who know how darned difficult it is to create work that works. Win a Caples award and you win the recognition of your peers. Every jury comprises the Executive Creative Directors and Chief Creative Officers of some of the world's most respected agencies.


The Caples Awards has existed for 40 years, serving to honour response-oriented creative work from around the world.


The entry costs of The Caples Awards are £300 GBP per single entry and £350 for campaign entries, lower than most other international awards shows. To help reduce costs of entering we have reduced the number of categories.

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