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AnNahar Newspaper
"The Newspapers Inside the Newspaper Edition"

Client: AnNahar Newspaper
Product: Newspaper
Title: The Newspapers Inside the Newspaper Edition
Media: Print, Outdoor, Digital
Country: Lebanon
Date Of Campaign: Dec 2022

Background: Being a journalist in Lebanon is dangerous. For years, those that publicly criticize the government, political system, or injustices, have been persecuted, imprisoned and even assassinated.Dozens of newspapers that have pushed for freedom of the press have been shut down overnight. AnNahar editor-in-chief, Gebran Tueni, fought vehemently for the right to speak freely. He wrote against occupation and ruling authorities, writing that inspired a revolution, but ultimately cost him his life in 2005 when he was assassinated.Now, almost two decades later, newspapers are struggling with even more political pressure and threats, which have forced many to shut down forever.AnNahar wanted to use the legacy of these extinct publications to send a clear message – the press will never be silenced.

Idea: In recent years, dozens of news publications have shut down after long 40, 60, or 70-year histories of reporting. This has mainly happened due to political pressure, threats of violence, or economic failure due to an incompetent government.AnNahar - one of the few news publications that are still up, running and fighting, decided to revive those defunct newspapers.Introducing the Newspapers-Inside-The-Newspaper Edition, a daily edition that started off as AnNahar, but with each spread, revealed a previously extinct newspaper, brought back to life. Written by the very same journalists that were once at the helm of these papers.

Results: The Newspapers-Inside-The-Newspaper Edition sold out on December 12th, and became one of the newspaper's highest selling editions.The campaign started trending on Twitter and earned more than $13 million worth of media impressions, powering the fight against the oppression of the press.The words of newspapers that had gone extinct were read afresh again all across Lebanon, in open defiance to anyone who had tried to silence them, igniting a conversation about freedom of the press that snowballed into a movement. Even Members of Parliament who champion freedom of speech commented on the edition, promising a brighter future for Lebanon.The edition solidified AnNahar newspaper as the ultimate defender of free speech, continuing a legacy more than 90 years in the making.

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