Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center
"Capa by AI"

Client: Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center
Product: The World´s First Permanent Robert Capa Exhibition
Title: Capa by AI
Media: Magazine, OOH
Country: Germany, Hungary
Date Of Campaign: 30.03.2023

Background: Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center was about to launch the World’s First Permanent Robert Capa exhibition when Artificial Intelligences broke into the scene and instantly started being celebrated by many as the future of image.

Idea: That context suddenly put the launching of the exhibition in front of a challenging situation: the most relevant event of the brand’s recent history, could end up going unnoticed. The objective was clear: getting the exhibition the awareness it deserved and taking the general audience to the Photography Center. At the same time, while most of the media was spreading the advanced capabilities that text-to-image generators showed, not much was being said about how the authorship, copyrights and originality in the art world were being affected.

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