Ogilvy Australia

"Look Outside Guide"

Client: Mondelez
Product: Cadbury Freddo
Title: Look Outside Guide
Media: Children's Book
Country: Australia
Date Of Campaign: March 1, 2023

Background: Families are spending less time out in nature than ever. In fact, Australian children spend an average of 2.5 hours a day on screens, with 71% spending under 1 hour a day outdoors.

Idea: To get families to venture beyond the screen and into the outdoors, Cadbury Freddo created the Look Outside Guide - An activity book printed with a UV ink that is only revealed when exposed to sunlight. The guide is filled with engaging, mutli-sensory activities designed to reconnect children with the environment. Crafted by a First Nations illustrator and made with recycled stock and vegetable inks, this carbon neutral book is built around nature, to get kids back into it.

Results: The Look Outside Guide was distributed via 1,451 Woolworths supermarkets. 90,000 copies of the guide made their way into family homes, driving families to get off screens and stuck into the outdoors.

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