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Gazeta Wyborcza
"The Rebel Page"

Client: Gazeta Wyborcza
Product: Gazeta Wyborcza
Title: The Rebel Page
Media: Press
Country: Poland
Date Of Campaign: 1.09.2022

Background: The Polish government and the Church want to change education to a more orthodox one.No wonder that the Ministry of Education recommended new schoolbook, which contained a lot of harmful content. The biggest controversy was caused by the quotes about children born thanks to the in vitro fertilization (IVF). This method is referred to as "breeding" and "human production". There is even a question: "Who will love the children born this way?" There was a great danger that children would learn from this textbook. Also children born thanks to IVF.

Idea: Gazeta Wyborcza, a nationwide Polish newspaper, printed a revised science-based page where you can find true information about in vitro fertilization. The page was designed to be easily cut and sticked into the textbook in place of outrageous quotes. But most importantly, we gave visibility to IVF. The revised page appeared in the paper edition of Gazeta Wyborcza and on the website on September 1, the day of the beginning of the school year and sparked a national debate.

Results: 60 000 paper versions and nearly 5 mln viewers online. 97% of schools refused to use a textbook. The board of education approved an alternative textbook. The publisher decided to change the in vitro content of the school textbook page.

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