Leo Burnett Taiwan

STARLUX Airlines
"SLTQT - STARLUX Airlines Traveler Qualification Test"

Client: STARLUX Airlines
Product: STARLUX Airlines
Title: SLTQT - STARLUX Airlines Traveler Qualification Test
Media: Website/Mobile
Country: TAIWAN
Date Of Campaign: 2022/09/15

Background: Established in 2020, STARLUX Airlines suddenly found itself stuck in the troubles of the Covid-19 pandemic. It now must expand on online communities, increase media exposure, and boost ticket sales within the short time frame before the country opens its borders in 2022. Due to the pandemic, the Taiwanese undergo travel restrictions for over 2 years, and many have forgotten the required knowledge for overseas travel. “People have forgotten how to travel abroad” and “travelers flock in and paralyze airports” made headlines across the country.

Idea: Just when the country was about the lift travel ban, we came up with a creative idea for STARLUX to hold a nationwide SLTQT test across the country. The questions would challenge the Taiwanese public the required knowledge necessary for overseas travel. Participation was simple; you could take the test on any of your mobile devices such as a cell phone or a tablet. Questions like “How long must your passport be valid?”“Can you bring beef jerky onboard a flight?”“Can you carry phone batteries onboard or must you check them in?”were asked, and everyone would be certified by grade and get to flaunt their certification on social communities. Certified individuals also get airfare discounts. Top scorers on the preliminary test even get to enter the STARLUX Airlines simulation cabin to take the final exam and reach for the ultimate glory.

Results: • Within 2 weeks, over 20,000 people completed the SLTQT test • Become the Largest exam of 2022 held in Taiwan(surpassing the total number of people taking the college entrance exam and the national civil service exam)• 50% Ticket sales grew• 33% Ticket Sales from SLTQT during campaign period • 2,320K Media value worth

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