"Run over: The famous ones"

Client: DGT
Product: Summer
Title: Run over: The famous ones
Media: TV, digital ads, social media, press
Country: Spain
Date Of Campaign: June 2022

Background: In Spain a lot of people are killed by run over, more than 100 people every year, but people are not aware of this problem. Nobody talks about it.

Idea: To draw attention to run overs, we recreate two real road accidents, in the same place and under the same circumstances that occurred, but, on this occasion, involving two famous people in Spain: the singer Amaia Romero, and the actor Eduard Fernández.

Results: The campaign became one of the most talked about in the country, being trending topic for 3 consecutive days. It achieved more than 200M impacts and increased brand awareness by 320%. Conversation about run overs increased by 250% and mortality was reduced during the summer in the campaign's target.

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