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CPF Restaurant and Foods Chain Co.,Ltd.
"The Movies That (Made) From Us"

Client: CPF Restaurant and Foods Chain Co.,Ltd.
Product: Five Star Chicken
Title: The Movies That (Made) From Us
Media: Social&Online Film
Country: Thailand
Date Of Campaign: 14 May 2022

Background: Five Star has been in food business for 37 years. They served a grilled chicken, chicken roll and now over to fried chicken and fried duck. They are an iconic of chicken brand and bonding with Generation Boomer, Generation X and early Gen-Y. But the problem that they are facing now is the lacking a connection with Gen Y or Gen Z not to mention Gen-Alpha. The brief is clear, how to build a connection of the brand to every generation? To increase brand love and awareness across all generations, with the focus on younger generations (Gen Y and Z) who see Five Star Chickens as a brand for their parents while keeping the older generation with the brand at the same time.

Idea: To connect every generation, we observed consumer behavior throughout the social media and by quality research and found out that it seems impossible. However, one thing that they had in common is their feeling towards Five Star chicken taste. They all share the same comment, whether it’s tender, it’s deliciousness. So, we thought this is it, this is how to connect every generation together. “A taste of chicken that connects generations together”.We came up with the concept “Chicken that connects generations together”, as no matter what conflict of generation you have – be it politics, music, fashion or even how to raise your child – what you all share is the love for chicken.Instead of coming up with a storyboard, we decided to ask people around Thailand, what kind of film they wanted to see? Using our presenter social media "Weir Sukholawat", We ask a netizen, we do a social listening, we ask a streetwalker, we ask everyone. Then we combine every comment and create a film called “The Movies made (from) us”. A film that showing every ideas of every generation, it is very quirky, unorthodox, funny with a twist.

Results: In one week, the film create phenomenon of advertising in 2022,guarantee by 30 advertising headliner blog. We even get a comment saying "this is the best internet film in 2022" After watching the VDO file, the majority of consumers expressed a desire to try Five Star chicken, resulting in a 74% increase in sales.The online film received more than 7.3M views and more than 9.4M impressions, with good feedback from consumers through the content.The film was published in three country and been translated into three language, English, Chinese and Vietnamese by the press. (It received a very good feedback)We receive impact voices by famous KOLs through an online channel. There was 113,000 engagement from their followers and the VDO film was shared more than 10,000 times. lowest drop-off video ever made of CPF.

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