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"Climate Injustice Forecast"

Client: 11.11.11
Product: NGO aiming for equality and solidarity
Title: Climate Injustice Forecast
Media: /
Country: Belgium
Date Of Campaign: November 3, 2022

Background: Vulnerable countries are most affected by climate change, while historically they are the least responsible. That’s climate injustice, a global problem widely ignored by the West. As an NGO that fights for international solidarity, 11.11.11 had to make Belgians face the inconvenient truth.

Idea: We raised awareness by hijacking Belgium’s national weather forecast, an iconic and loyally watched TV format that had famously been hosted by the same faces for decades. We surprised viewers by replacing the usual hosts with Zambia’s leading weather forecaster. She gave a first-hand testimony about climate injustice and called on all Belgians to finally take action.

Results: Peggy Thole became Belgium’s first foreign weather forecaster in history, taking the media by storm with over 7.4 million impressions. She successfully kickstarted 11.11.11’s integrated campaign against climate injustice, and inspired millions of Belgians to take action.

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