Client: TEDxAmsterdamWomen
Product: Wold's first female friendly AI image generator
Title: MissJourney
Country: Netherlands
Date Of Campaign: March 8, 2023 (International Women's Day)

Background: If you ask AI to generate images of professionals, less than 20% is female. To raise awareness of AI bias, TEDx Women presents ‘MissJourney’. The world’s first AI tool built to challenge traditional patterns and stereotypes. TEDxWomen is a powerful platform that amplifies the voices and stories of women and promotes a more inclusive and equitable world. And the digital world is no exception. MissJourney was created in response to the growing concerns about bias in AI. And marks the start of the year-long TEDxWomen program; Decoding the Future. To continue the quest for inclusive AI that serves us all.

Idea: is the world’s first AI text to image generator to celebrate women. The user-friendly AI tool was built to combat AI gender bias and has a built-in logic that helps AI to create anti-stereotypical prompts. When it is asked to imagine an image of a CEO, athlete or leader, rather than producing the usual male stereotypes, this AI tool creates diverse female-led imagery. This way, MissJourney actively contributes to representative digital represents a new wave in AI that showcases powerful female-based imagery, more reflective of our modern day society. We are urging everyone to join the movement and change the pattern. The more we are aware, the bigger the chances we get to inclusive Artificial Intelligence that serves us all. Our chance to rebuild our digital world for the better is now.

Results: People all over the world embraced the message. Within two weeks 163.000 unique images were created, and counting. Encouraging people to share their search results with their social network to spark conversation. With €0 media budget and a global reach of 103 million, MissJourney was covered by national TV, radio and podcasts and international media outlets from 15+ countries. MissJourney marks the start of the year-long TEDxWomen program on the theme: Decoding the Future. Unpacking the journey to disrupt the codes that society has agreed to for so long, uncovering ways to change them, and breaking them down to build equality.

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