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Israel Olympic Committee
"We Are All 11"

Client: Israel Olympic Committee
Product: 50th Remembrance Day
Title: We Are All 11
Media: Case Film
Country: Israel
Date Of Campaign: 09/21/2022

Background: At the 1972 Munich Olympics, 11 members of the Israeli Olympic delegation were killed in a terrorist attack. So this year, on the 50th remembrance day of the Munich Massacre, the Israel Olympic Committee wanted to commemorate the 11 victims and bring their stories back to life in a national media stunt that would reach as many Israelis as possible through traditional television mediums and social media.

Idea: The Israel Olympic Committee collaborated with the leading news channels in Israel in a rare step of solidarity. In Israel, the competing news channels are solely differentiated by their channel numbers (Channel 13, 5, 12, 9, 14). But on the 50th remembrance day of the Munich Massacre, the competing channels united together at the exact same time and changed their channel number from their original number to the number 11 for one day.. This unexpected and unprecedented collaboration helped to send the message, and our campaign’s creative tagline, “we are all 11.” This message and media stunt signified that we are not separate from the 11 victims we lost 50 years ago, but one with them and it is our responsibility to keep their memory alive..

Results: The buzz around this media stunt caught the attention of Israel’s top influencers who took it upon themselves to speak personally about the victims' life stories on TikTok, ultimately sparking a larger conversation among the young Israeli demographic. More importantly, the use of media catalyzed the government to include the Munich Massacre in the curriculum of all schools to ensure the memory of the 11 victims never dies.

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