DDB Australia

"Kind Royale"

Product: Anti-bullying Charity
Title: Kind Royale
Media: Gaming, Digital, Press, Social, Influencer
Country: Australia
Date Of Campaign: 1 September 2022

Background: Research from anti-bullying charity PROJECT ROCKIT identified that 1.5 billion gamers are bullied every day, creating ongoing mental health issues for Australian youth.

Idea: DDB created Kind Royale, the world’s first esports tournament where the winner wasn’t the best player – but the kindest one. Partnering with Fortnite creator Epic Games, Click Management, Facebook Gaming and 80 of the world’s most popular streamers, the campaign flipped the live scoring algorithm to create a new leaderboard that rewarded acts of kindness - like compliments and sportsmanship - with points, and penalised negative acts like - raging or bullying - with deductions.The comments of all 11 million fans counted too, meaning each viewer was also a participant.

Results: Over 300 hours of footage and 42 thousand comments later, Kind Royale became the ultimate demonstration of what online gaming could be. The tournament saw engagement of 428% the industry benchmark and earned over 10 millions impressions. No sexism. No racism. No bullying. All with a budget of $0.

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