LGBT Association
"The Folded Newspaper"

Client: LGBT Association
Product: NGO
Title: The Folded Newspaper
Media: Print
Country: Israel
Date Of Campaign: 1/1/2023

Background: The most religiously radical government in Israel was about to take power on January 1, 2023. Senior officials of the new government have publicly declared that they intend to enact laws that discriminate against the LGBT community once they take office.

Idea: The LGBT Association decided to raise the people’s voice against the ruling party on the government’s first day.We bought a half-page ad, which seems to be innocent, in the back of the ruling party's paper “Israel Today”, and secretly invited our community to fold the paper in a specific way that unfolds our poignant message together with the paper’s iconic logo:“Israel Today”,Russia tomorrow?Do not let Israel become a hostile country for the LGBT community.‘The Folded Newspaper’ became a symbol of the LGBT protest on social media, as thousands of people purchased the paper, folded it and shared it to raise their voice against the new government.

Results: $8,000 Budget$450,000 Earned Media14,000,000 Impressions 2,800% Increase in Social Media Conversation

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